PixelSync Media Services takes care of your audio needs from performance to recorded event.
From voice-over services, musical performances to suit every need, composition and arranging services to on-site digital recording, up to 16 tracks (soon to be 24) through mixing and mastering of your audio project to Red Book standard CD production, PixelSync can cater to your every need.

Composition and arranging services
Performance services, 1 or more persons for any venue
Digital recording, at 48MHz in the studio or on-site, stereo or multitrack - See how it works
Mixing and processing of your audio project
Basic mastering to Red Book standards
Full data backups, archived material returned with your CD final

Sample MP3s:

ZigZag, from the Bad Habit album:
Get Up, Get Down - uptempo blues rock
Dark Angel - rock ballad
Heart of You - atmospheric heartwrencher

High School Vocal Demo:

(over pre-recorded tracks)
The Wizard and Wicked
Out Tonight
Part of Your World

Voices of St. Marie-Madelaine
Duchity, Haiti
Mwen pa Kapab pa di Mesi
Venez Chantons notre Dieu


Here are the recording options PixelSync offers:

Option 1) We come to your gig and record for $25/hr, in 1/4 hr increments. This includes 1 hour setup time (tho it usually takes a bit more), but not tear-down. We'll set up one track for each vocal and instrumental (or direct lines from your amps, if they have that option). We may also set up a couple of room mics, depending on the room and whether it seems like use of room sound will enhance the mix or not.
Using only this option, we can turn the unmixed raw tracks over to you on CDs in WAV format, for you to take elsewhere to mix, or to do yourself, if you have the means. That will cost you a couple more bucks, just to cover the cost of blank CDs. The number will depend on the duration of your show.

Option 2) $25/hr recording time, same setup. Same couple of bucks for CDs, depending on the length of your gig. We mix the raw tracks, panned to resemble your gig and with one volume set throughout, no enhancements or compression, but run a stereo compression on the resulting mix. This runs you $25. This provides a good basic mix to decide which tracks you want to put on your final recording. Songs you may choose to have mixed to a higher quality will cost an additional amount. If you want to avoid this cost, have your sound engineer send a stereo mix to a tape deck and use that to decide what songs you want mixed to a higher level. On the other hand, WITH this mix, you'll get a much clearer recording than a stereo board mix, where some parts will inevitably be buried and some overly loud.

Option 3) $25/hr recording time, same setup. Same couple of bucks for CDs, depending what you want treated at this level. We mix the tracks you select, adjusting volume and pan through each song to bring out the salient points, EQ and noise gate each track to give a cleaner sound and run stereo compression and spatial enhancement on the final mix. This costs you $35 per song, whether you use Option 2 or not.

Option 4) $25/hr recording time, same setup. Same couple of bucks for CDs. For $50 per song, whether you use Option 2 or not, we mix the tracks you select, adjusting volume and pan through each song to bring out the motion at each point, each track gets EQ, noise gate where needed, compression, a little reverb on the vocal, delays to anchor and enhance the auditory space, fixes of parts as needed and possible (not easy in a live recording situation), then compression, loudness maximizer, multiband dynamics, stereo imaging enhancement, harmonic exciter and reverb on the stereo mix to provide a complete mastering. We'll give you that copy, you listen to it and come back with specific changes you want, (ie. "Song 10, at 2:17, make the bass 10% louder for 3 bars", or "Compress all the songs till our ears bleed", etc.). We make those changes and give you the final copy. After that point, further changes will cost you by the hour, including reprocessing time, etc. We'll be charging you for blank disks, too, but they're trivial: around $.90 each.

Option 4 will give you recordings, at Red Book standards, ready to duplicate or replicate for distribution. When you're ready for that, let us quote options for reproducing (duplicating or glass mastering) and printing the disks, black and white or 2-, 3- or 4-color printing, putting them in jewel cases or cardboard sleeves, and polywrapping them. Prices start, depending on options, at about $350 per 100 copies, printed b&w on-disk and 3-color cardboard sleeves (unwrapped) and up from there. If you go as high as 1000 disks, full-color, polywrapped, UPC code, etc, prices come down, per disk, to around $1.85.

Give us a call to schedule or just to discuss your situation. Our costs end up running about $25 per hour throughout the process. You won't find better options outside of a studio, where costs run $40 per hour minimum in the greater Milwaukee area.

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