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Guitar Instruction for the Serious Improvisor!
Double-disk DVD packed with the densest information on harmony for the guitar in any video!
Nearly 4 hours of in-depth guitar lessons!

Play the guitar like a piano, instead of a drum or a piccolo!

This video presents information for those often-neglected players, the intermediate to advanced guitar student.

With this DVD you'll fill in all the gaps in your understanding so you'll always know where you are when improvising your way through a song or freeform jam!

Unlike most guitar instruction videos, this is NOT a glorified performance video ending with "Now you do it!" This DVD assumes you want to learn and proceeds to give you what you need to do so without cheating or trying to do the work for you!

Using the VSN© system of simultaneous video, SUPER-TAB graphics and standard notation, the student will be presented with fast memorization tricks and straightforward exercises to completely open up the entire guitar neck!

Never again leap from one position to another because you don't know where else to go!

Learn to use a song's chord progression as a skeleton to finally express yourself freely!


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With this DVD you can systematically learn:

All the note names on the guitar
Intervals and inversions
Chord and scale construction
Connecting the 5 chord forms and the four chord types
Chord extensions, progressions and substitutions
Triads and inversions from each chord form
Triad configurations across the guitar neck
Scales wrapped around chords and triads
Interval scales, triad scales and chord scales across and lengthwise
How each interval fits with each chord type
Implying harmony with intervals
Defining harmony with melody
How to define or blur the harmony of the moment
Voice-leading and tendency tones
Parallel, similar and contrary motion
Harmonizing a melody

* Non-tertian harmony and much, much more!! *


A complete solo with note-for-note analysis showing how the material is incorporated into your repertoire.

Extensive study guide giving specific simple steps to assist you to Totally Grasp Harmony in your own playing!

Printable graphic diagrams of demonstrated and suggested exercises in PDF format, tuning notes and further reference materials!

Almost 4 solid hours of intensive music lessons presenting years of material in nine personal and personable lessons!

Do you teach guitar? This video is perfect for teachers of guitar in any environment! Teaching was never easier using the included study guide, lessons and diagrams!

Read some actual customer feedback:

"TOTALLY GRASP HARMONY is the best instruction I have ever had. A+ product!"
"I received the DVD's this week and have started using them. They are great and have already helped me tremendously. Thanks for offering this set at such a great price. I will be referring people to you."
"great product ,super fast delivery, THANKS !!!!"
"If you know a little YOU WILL LEARN A LOT from this one. GREAT!!!!!!"
"Good Product, Good Service, Thank You!"
"What a GREAT item-thanks for your years of knowledge!!!"
"Lots of info on the dvd's, good stuff!"
"Nice set of DVDs. Great for harmonizing melodies to create songs. Thanks!"
"Great DVD and great contact. Thanx David. A+++++++"
"Super Fast Shipping and great DVD!! A++++"
"Very easy to understand good tool to help to learn 'AAA'"
"Excellent product"
"Fine self-published DVD"
“I'm a guy who has spent over twenty years playing along with records and reading tab. As I grow better as a guitar player the more I realize I dont know diddley. So I started on a quest to learn a bit about what I am doing. I purchased a DVD called Totally Grasp Harmony and it really opened my eyes to what I DONT know. I'd recommend that video to anyone with the dexterity and ear to play, but that, like me, is a novice in the theory area. Its four hours long and I could spend YEARS with the lessons in it. For a novice, it is REALLY good stuff.”

“I wish that I would have had this DVD…when I started playing, badly, while in high school back in '79!…. very laid back and presents material in an easy to understand way… he is a MUCH better teacher than my old college instructor who had a M.A. in Jazz Comp from N.TX.State!… and there are even downloadable pdf files on the dvds! What a bargain for thirty bucks!!!”

"Great product & AAA+++personal service"
"Useful organization of material, good explanations"
"great instructional material, very pleased! A+"
"Excellent product, Fast Delivery! Great DVD Five Star *****"
“'Bout time the world started learning about your great DVD, bro...! My name is Ward and I'm the Production Manager here at Film Baby.... I'm also a guitar player and have a band and I have seen your DVD and I love it and I recommend it to all the musicians I know”
“I just wanted to let you know how much your system for learning theory and how it applies to the guitar is helping me so far. Your jump into intervals and how they relate to one another in chords is exactly what I needed to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by all the different note names and key signatures. I also can see, based on what you've explained, WHY D and E are minor in the key of C. Thank you so much for providing this series at such an affordable price. I've spent thousands of dollars on guitars and recording equipment thinking that if I just had that "thing" that I would be able to play better. The truth is that until one is willing to learn the meaning of those frets and intervals no amount of equipment or the finest instruments will help us to play.”
"Fast delivered is a lot of material for the money,the guy knows guitar theory"

"Thanks again for making this DVD available. I've learned so much about guitar and harmony in general. You should double the price."

“Just wanted to let you know that I am learning so much from "Totally Grasp Harmony". I had struggled for a couple years trying out method books and personal instructors only to get little pieces of the puzzle. I was sick and tired of memorizing scale forms and jumping from position to position on the fretboard… just memorizing other peoples songs and just regurgitating them. Now I'm starting to improvise on my own and building scales around triads using intervals instead of scale forms. Your Instruction is fantastic. I'm having so much fun with what I have been able to absorb so far. I am loving it. Thank you!”
“THANK YOU , THANK YOU ,THANK YOU :) I have been playing guitar for years and can play a lot of stuff, I have great technique but have never been able to understand what is going on with the theory side of things, I have watched the 1st dvd a few times and am doing exactly what you suggest, I'm not going to learn another piece of music until I have finished your course, David. I really want to be able to write some songs and create fingerstyle pieces of my own; I think this will enable me to FINALLY do it! Again, thanks so much David. I’m just sorry I didn't meet you 15 years ago :) thanks mate”


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